​​​Virtual Office Dynamics

Virtual Office Dynamics (VOD) ~ An Smart Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions
Virtual Office Dynamics ERP   o¬ffers   the   freedom   of   choice,   ease   of   integration, high performance and reliability that forward-thinking   companies   rely   on   to   increase   profitability and seize the competitive advantage. There are two modes of deployment: Cloud Based ITES and

    Feature of the product
  •     Human Resource Management
  •     Payroll Management
  •     Provident Fund & Gratuity Management
  •     Accounting Management System
  •     General Infrastructure Service Management
  •     Fixed Asset Management
  •     Procurement Management

LankaBangla Financial Portal (lankabd.com)

Comprehensive financial portal includes capital market, money market, commodity market and is enriched with macro-economic data. The Portal won the ICT Awards 2019 in the Banking, Insurance & Finance category. Visit lankabd.com

Investment Relation Service (IRS) for Listed Complies

Product Detail:
Investor Relation Service (IRS) is a dynamic data service solution for listed companies which help to comply with DSE Listing Regulation 2015 and succeeding its objective for improving investor’s requirements by providing financial information. The service easily integrates with client company websites without any sorts of complication. Moreover, we provide complete support for this investor relation services. Features are:
1. Real Time Market data
2. Intraday & Historical Price Chart
3. Company Profile
4. Subsidiaries information
5. Board of Directors
7. Stock Statistics
8. Upcoming Events & key technical indicators
9. Quarterly Financial Performance
10. Dividend History
11. Updated shareholding pattern
12. Right Issue
13. Director Buy/Sell
14. Price Sensitive Information
15. Contact information


iBroker (https://ibroker.lbsbd.com or iBroker LankaBangla from App/ Play store) is an online platform that empowers stock brokers and investors to transform digitally. Though the capital market of Bangladesh have crossed a long way since its inception and have shown a lot of ups and down but there were no seamless integration in between the stock brokers and the investors to manage their portfolio digitally. The clients still have to visit the brokers to perform trading activities, queueing at bank for financial transactions, instructing traders for monitoring accounts and many more. iBroker is the options for the clients to interact with his brokers without any human intervention. A client can do literally anything at here starting from account opening and ending to liquidation and closing of his entire portfolio.